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A brief biography

Born in Surrey (England), Keith formed the 60's influenced band M.I.5. He was lead vocalist and bass player. They rapidly gained a large following (including a scooter club). Other bands playing around the same area and playing the same venues were The Jam and Generation X. They recorded a lot of songs in various studios around London. The band spent two days recording at Ringo's home studio Tittenhurst Park. This was the former home of John and Yoko (where they recorded the IMAGINE ALBUM).

M.I.5 had one single released. It was played on Radio one by John Peel, Mike Read and various other Disc Jockey's. One music paper picked it as "Record of the week, pioneering a whole new sound", another (Smash hits) didn't like it!



He has always composed and performed his own music which has appeared in a variety of formats (singles/album tracks /CD's). As well as fronting M.I.5 Keith started to receive requests for session work, supplying vocals, guitar or bass guitar.

He has appeared on albums and singles by the UK band Nirvana. This particular group were part of the sixties psychedelic movement (he was not in the group then).

Keith formed Eye to Eye in 1985, supplying lead vocals and guitar. Originally a recording duo (along with bassist Ian), the band recorded many songs and released two singles and one album. The singles were mastered in ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS in London.

Keith is a guitar historian and has written for magazines, books and web sites.


Keith is now lead vocalist and guitarist in St Johns Wood Affair . You can read about this new band at